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About Class Act Steppers

Class Act Steppers, formerly known as Class Act Atlanta, is a social dance organization founded in 2001 by Carolyn Granger, a Chicago native, former account executive of Sprint Corporation, and fashion designer of her hot steppin’ designs.  Carolyn recruited members, which included some of Atlanta’s top award winning dancers, to capture and present various styles of “classy dancing” to our community.  Atlanta/Chicago steppin’ overwhelmingly became the most popular dance at Class Act Atlanta affairs; consequently, Carolyn along with her daughter and co-founder, Deborah Granger-Brewer, changed the name to Class Act Steppers. 

Class Act Steppers continues to strive to teach, entertain, and enjoy couples dancing together through dances such as Atlanta/Chicago steppin’, bop, swing, hustle, and other forms of hand dancing to R&B, Jazz, and soul music.  Class Act Steppers is rejuvenating this form of dancing that has been forgotten, bypassed, or lost in the African-American community.  Steppin’ brings couples between the ages 25 to 75, middle to upper income, dancing together in fashionable attire with turns, swings, and dips.  Couples dancing brings dignity to dancing which is demonstrated in the way that a gentleman asks a lady to dance and then escorts her back to her seat.  The total interaction of couples dancing is also a great form of alternative dancing for young adults to see, learn, and enjoy.

In September 2012, two  Class Act Steppers students, William Nealous and Katarina Sawyer, competed in the “World’s Largest Steppers Competition” beginners category; and out of 14 couples, they won the 2nd Place Trophy.

In 2009 the Class Act Line Dancers branch of the organization was established.  Tiff NiKole, the daughter of Deborah Granger-Brewer, joined the organization and became the primary line dance instructor, offering three weekly line dance classes ranging from beginners to advance.  Tiff NiKole has become a nationally recognized line dancer and instructor, and has choreographed many dances that are performed throughout the line dance community.

To encourage and promote steppin’ and line dancing Class Act offers classes at the City of Atlanta Adamsville Recreation Center, BackStage Atlanta, and the South DeKalb Mall Theater.  Class instructors:  Deborah Granger-Brewer, Tyrone Brown, Cherron Simpson, and now William Nealous.  Class Act also conducts specialty dance workshops for company and organizational functions/events, private group events such as birthdays, bridal showers, wedding receptions, family reunions and graduations parties.  Dedicated to promoting the health fitness benefits of dance, Class Act puts emphasizes personal wellness, and encouraging a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.  Class Act’s steppin’ and line dance classes encourage participates to engage in an overall cardio workout while having fun, learning new dances, and meeting new friends.

Class Act Steppers has had the opportunity to perform their steppin’ dance skills and conduct workshops throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area at a variety of venues: 

       Annual UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball
       Attorney Dwight Thomas Annual Pre New Year’s Eve Affair
       Norma’s Academy of Dance, Inc. Workshop
       Ida’s Cove Workshop for Youth
       Ford Motor Company Workshop
       Sponsored Katrina Victims Fundraiser for Hosea Feed the Hungry Foundation
       Soul Food Music Festival Drive for Diabetes event at Justin’s Restaurant
       First Crowning of Class Act Stepper’s Diva
       Classic Soul 102.5 New Year’s Eve Affair Hosted by Si Man
       Taylor Robinson Report, TV 24
       Hillside Chapel Masquerade Ball
       Emory University Unity Ball
       Debut Record Release Party for recording artist Shirley Diamond
       House of Life Dinner Theater

To encourage and promote steppin’, classes teaching steppin’ are held at the City of Atlanta Adamsville Recreation Center, BackStage Restaurant & Lounge, and the Jazz Bar. 


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